Have You Wondered How Great God Is?

Have you observed any close encounters? Have you witnessed any miracles right before your eyes?

Sometimes there are events or situations that come our way and we think that it is impossible for it to happen. We think, “Oh… It cannot happen. It will
not happen.”

For example, you sit for a test and you know that there will be a tough topic or subject that will be included. You know that you have a hard time understanding it and will probably fail your paper. Out of panic, you utter a short prayer then sit for your paper to get it done. Your heart begins to pound as the results are out. Little did you expect, you passed. There you go à That is a miracle. He intervened.

Another example: You may know someone with a terminal illness. He/she seeks treatment from several doctors; visits several hospitals and gets different uncountable tests done. He/she is admitted into hospital for observation. Everyone starts to pray and intercede for the patient. A few days later, several tests are conducted again and they show negative confirmation of the virus and there is nothing wrong with the patient’s health. There was something being done in the spiritual realm. Again, it is a miracle.

          Yes, sometimes some things are hard to believe but it is not until you experience or witness it yourself.

God is so great that when He moves in your situation, you cannot comprehend Him or understand how He does it.

Here are a few situations of God’s greatness:
– God splitting the Red Sea for Moses
– Various accounts of healing the blind, lame, sick and possessed
– Giving His Only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us


Relationship With God

Sometimes when things don’t go the way we want it to, we would get uptight and upset over it till we aren’t able to take it. We would therefore wish we weren’t born or don’t even exist.

However, we were born into the earth for a purpose. “What is it?” you may ask or wonder. It is to fulfill the plan God has for us (followed by reference of Acts 1:8). However, there are six parts to this.

Firstly, “What Do We Need To Know About God?”
God loves us and wants us to have a personal relationship with Him.
We need to know that He loves us even before we knew and loved Him (relating to 1 John 4:10). In order for us to have a personal relationship with Him, we have to know Him. To know Him means to seek Him daily and allow Him to work in us.

Secondly, “What Is Wrong With Us?”
Our relationship with God has been broken by sin.
Sin is like an obstacle that is hindering us from continuing our relationship with Him. At times when we go against God and make our own decision, the outcome will be spiritual death (which is actually separation from God). Furthermore, we make choices that may show that they are passively indifferent from God. Clearly, we as human beings tend to do things our way which would make us like sheep that go astray. It says in the Bible that we have fallen short of His glory (Rom 3:23) but when we come in repentance before Him and confess our sins, He is just and righteous to forgive us (1 John 1:9).

Thirdly, “What Did God Do For Us?”
God provided a solution for our lost and broken relationship.
God sent His only Son to die for us and to give us eternal life and life abundantly (John 3:16 & John 10:10). He did what we couldn’t do for ourselves. He died on the Cross to pay for the penalty for our sins. Besides that, He came into this world to bring us to the Father (John 14:6) and rose on the third day to prove that He is truly the Son of God.

Fourthly, “What Do We Need To Do?”
Each of us has to personally accept and trust Jesus Christ as Saviour.
After we accept and trust Him, we should also receive Christ’s gift of salvation. Quoting from the Bible:
“But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believes in His name” (John 1:12)
“For by grace, you have been saved by grace through faith” (Ephesians 2:8)

Fifthly, “Where Do We Begin?”
A personal relationship with God begins today. Now.
We can begin our relationship with God by just placing our faith in Him. A simple prayer as follow, is possible:
Dear God, thank You for sending Your Son to die for me. I know that my sin has separated me from You. I now confess my sins and I ask for Your forgiveness. I invite You into my heart and recommit my life into Your hands. Thank You for accepting me into Your family. In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.

Sixth and finally, “What’s Next?”
Your trust in Jesus Christ begins with an everlasting personal relationship with God.
God has ensured us that if we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, He will grant us eternal life. He has also promised not to leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) and has wiped out our sins of the past; present; and future and has made us alive in Him. Therefore, we are a new creation in Him for the old things have passed away and new things have come (2 Corinthians 5:17).


People post posts with a “YOLO” hashtag when they do a once-in-a-life thing or an experience but it is not just a hashtag.

There is something behind it. There is just more to it. Yes, we only live once. We only have one life. With that being the fact, we should appreciate our own lives first and the people who are around us, our families and friends. They have been placed by God to surround us for a purpose. They stand with us and support us whenever we need them.

We were made by God, in His image. In the worst situation we can be in, we may not think straight at that moment. When we are out of the situation and we reflect, it is pointless if we ever take our lives because of that one second.
We are not able to have a second life or to turn back the clock. Therefore, no matter how difficult or easy the situation is, we should rely on Him.

We should treasure those around us. We should spend time with them. If we don’t, once they are gone, regret will overwhelm us. Furthermore, we should love those who hurt us, whether accidental or with intention, although it is hard. Grudges should not be held inside us because it will make us just be more bitter and miserable about the problem.
Keyword — “Let It Go”. Make peace. In His word, God has said that we ought to make peace whether we are in the wrong or not. Believe me: You will feel much better after you do it because I have done it myself.

All of us know that we will not be here forever.
Picture this: The world is a stage and we are the actors and actresses in a play. We are so busy being up and about with our daily routine, like characters in a havoc and chaotic scene.

In conclusion, pull yourself back up. Know that even-though life may not be a bed of roses, be ensured that they will always turn out to be for the good eventually. Continue reading “Life”